Writing Your Presentation – Winning Over Your Audience!

Being invited to make a presentation to a group of people means that you are considered an expert on the subject at hand; a subject that the group you are speaking to has an interest in.

It is important you speak to the person who offered the invitation before you begin to write your speech. Find out about the individuals you will be speaking to, who do they represent? What part do they play in their respective organizations? These tips will let you know in what context you should write your presentation; what type of power point presentation will be more applicable? What jargon to use? How to avoid speaking down to them or over their heads?

It is best if you research the history of your topic and not introduce your topic as if it was the first thing that occurred, realize that every thing comes to be because of organic growth. I would not discuss Web 2.0 social networks without touching on the telephone, e-mail, Napster, the media, and technology. Because it would be odd to start talking about Web 2.0 right away with out an easy build up. Write your presentation with the above thoughts in mind.

Try to establish a beginning and an end and pay attention that your audience wants to be energised, they want to feel part of your speech, they want to learn and understand things that will add to their already sophisticated knowledge.

Talk to your audience as if you were speaking to your friends, don’t shout, breathe and remember that they do not know what you know, you are the expert, this should keep you from becoming nervous.

Take time when you are writing and make an effort to communicate with the audience in a way that it is in context, politically, and with taste. Know how long you are expected to speak and time your speech to fit into the time allotted to you.