Public Speaking – Do You Make These Common Presentation Errors?

As English as a foreign language teachers or other types of business professionals, we will need to give a presentation before a live audience on occasion. Just how often likely depends on your field of expertise and how well you handle public speaking. If you want or need to generate a continuous series of new leads for your business or service, public speaking can be a real boon. During the course of your presentations though, do you make any of these common, but easily-correctable presentation errors?

1. Poor presentation slide layout

Give me a dollar for every time I’ve sat through a presentation written in unreadable yellow letters and I’d likely be writing this from my yacht off the coast of the French Riviera. White letters on a dark background can backfire on you too. Don’t try to cram too much onto a screen slide. Those tiny little letters simply are not legible to your audience besides looking awful.

2. Saying large numbers incorrectly

Again, if you’re providing statistical data, practice beforehand and make sure you can properly pronounce numbers, especially large numbers dealing with populations and economics.

3. Having Out-of-Control Body Language

Unless you’re a mime, going through an exorbitant routine of twists, fumbles and contortions is not going to help enamor your audience. A self-assured pose, facing forward and on occasion, to the side, with arms and hands under control at all times, is best. You can walk or stroll across the stage or platform, but don’t pace back and forth like a caged animal.

Practice A Bit Beforehand

You should always practice a bit beforehand in front of an audience of family, co-workers or friends. Try to become aware of your body language during a public speaking engagement. Correct these erroneous traits, one by one and your confidence as well as your public speaking skills will continue to grow.