Partial Shading Disadvantages for Solar Power Systems

Solar panels are not so sensitive in terms of catching the sunlight to generate electricity. They take some time to absorb the solar energy and then convert it into AC. After that, if the inverters are there, they’ll convert that AC power into DC and make it usable for households or else, Ac can only be used to charge laptops and mobile phones, etc. which is why that’s not enough to get the job done.

But let’s take a look at how the efficiency of solar panels is affected by the use of the wrong size of the solar system for your home or workplace and why there should be no shading at the place where these panels are present.

Effect of shading on the Efficiency of Solar Panels

The efficiency of solar panels is mainly dependent on a few things: the tilt angle of panels (because if they are straight, they won’t catch as much sunlight as they need to generate the required power), the direction of panels (it is an important factor because the direction decides whether or not the sunlight is proving effective) and the location of panels. The third one is most important in a way that you’ve to provide the panels with the required sunlight by hook or by crook. For that, you can’t bring the sun closer to your panels but what you can do is to install them at a place where they get enough sunlight that they generate the required power the energy needs for your home or workplace.

Partial shading allows some of the sunlight to reach the panels but since panels aren’t as sensitive as the inverters are, they seek more sunlight to generate more power. All you need to do is to see if there is any wall or tree near to the place you are installing panels at before their installation. This will help you make your panels more effective.

How do weather conditions affect the efficiency of panels?

Weather conditions prove to be really important in the case of solar panels. The reason is that if you are not connected to mains power in Australia and the weather isn’t allowing sunlight to reach the panels, they will stop working because they can’t do anything with the air passing close to them. That’ll not only make you realize the importance of staying connected to the grid but will also let you know what solar system size you should choose. The presence of batteries will also be helpful if you need more electricity for shorter periods of time. Hence, make sure that you use the panels well enough and avoid anything that causes the efficiency of your panels to go below the required one.

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