Designing Your Custom Presentation Folder

If you have decided to incorporate the use of a professional presentation folder for your business, you have made a great choice in the way you choose to use your advertising dollars to help promote your business image. Designing your folder in a manner that incorporates your business philosophy while highlighting your products and services is imperative – you can make a statement using presentation folders that makes your business stand out to potential clients and customers.

Before you begin to customize the design of your presentation folder, you should make careful consideration of the following.

o The material that you wish to include in the presentation, including brochures, documents, applications, and more. Be sure to include the best representation of what you are offering. This is your one chance to get across to the customer. Choose those pieces which best reflect your company.

o Decide whether you wish to include a video DVD or audio CD that represents the products or services being offered. If you have a standard disc that you normally use to promote your company, now is the time to get it into the hands of those who might be your clients in the future. You can customize your presentation folder with slits to hold DVDs or CDs, on one or both flaps inside.

o Including your business card for ease of contact. Again, custom slits can be created in your presentation folder that allows you to place your business card in a prominent area where the recipient of the folder can quickly contact you or your company.

o If your company has a specific color that they identify with items such as letterhead and other mailings, choose a color or colors that compliment that. This gives continuity to any correspondence between you and the client in the future, and becomes something that identifies you from the crowd of competition. Choose a color that goes well with the design of your company logo.

o Determine whether your current company logo will be printed on the front or the front and back of your presentation folder, or if you also want to incorporate your logo on the inside flaps. Be certain to not overdo the presentation folder by adding too many logos or graphics. You may want to go with your logo on the front, your motto on the back or flaps. Your motto should clearly state your business philosophy or goal. You can also place mottos on your inside flaps.

o You may want a glossy finish to your presentation folder. This makes your presentation folder look more distinguished, stylish, and classy. It also makes it stand out from duller counterparts that might have been submitted by your competitors.

o Take into account the size of presentation folder that you need to fully accommodate what you are planning to place inside. Allow room for all items; using a presentation folder that is too small for your materials represents your company as looking cheap.

o Order as many presentation folders as you will need for the current campaign or project that you are working on. It is less expensive to order in bulk, and upfront. If you have to reorder, you may be paying for services that you paid for on your original order again.