Christmas Presents For Men

Trying to find just the right gift can be a challenge when you aren’t shopping for yourself. One group that often stumps women is how to shop for the men in their life whether it be a boyfriend, husband, brother or even dad. This is perfectly understandable as we all know that men and women are different making it sometimes difficult to know what the other gender likes. So to help give you some ideas on what may be just the right gift for the men in your life, we have picked out several good ideas that may be just the right gift idea you are looking for.


First up is the Kindle. The Kindle is a wireless reading device that can upload hundreds of books, magazines, and newspapers. This one works great for those who like to read and is perfect for those who travel. This lightweight device is much more practical and comfortable to take with you rather than carrying around a stack of books. In addition, it has a service in it that allows you to get books immediately uploaded to the device regardless of the location. This service is a nice little feature than can help people save extra time.

Rubik’s Touchcube

The Rubik’s Touchcube is another choice will be popular with people of ages. Just about everyone is familiar with the original version, so there will already be a healthy amount of curiosity concerning this one. They will be impressed to see it has been upgraded with a touch screen that allows you to make moves simply by swiping your finger across it. This one also has some other features the original doesn’t like sound effects, an option to show you the next move you should make, and even an option that will complete the Rubik’s touchcube for you. Not to mention, this one also looks really cool even while charging. We bet this one will be a popular choice this fall.

Tickets to Sporting Events

As most women may already know, many guys are addicted to sports. This is one reason why getting tickets to sporting events can make a great gift idea. Since the gift giving will be done around Christmas, popular choices could include College Football bowl tickets, Pro Bowl tickets, NBA floor seat tickets, Hockey Tickets, etc. Ideally, you should pick the sport that he most enjoys. Even if it is a little out of season like for soccer or baseball, you still should get the tickets he would enjoy watching and seeing the game. His enjoyment of the tickets may be delayed slightly, but he will certainly appreciate the gesture and be looking forward to that date.

Tools and Hobbies

Some stereotypes are there for a reason. One is that a lot of guys really enjoy certain hobbies and tools. This is very true especially for the older generation. A great new drill or tool set can be a perfect gift for dad or those who are handy. In addition, giving them gifts in their hobby can also be great because it shows that you are aware of what they like. Therefore, if they are into biking, a new bicycle or other equipment can work great. The key is to find something that they will like and try to avoid getting too micro in the buying decision to ensure they are more likely use it and enjoy it. One easy way of finding out what they like is to ask them about their current equipment and what they would like to have and why. This is a fairly innocuous way for finding out what are on their wish list. 

Using these choices above, you would have a solid group of Christmas presents for men. However, don’t’ think for a minute that these are the only good ones.