Powerful Product Presentations, Your Most Potent Tools, Part 3 of 3

In the marketplace, value is built, profit is protected and sales are closed by salespeople who possess superior presentation skills. There are tools that can separate you from the crowd if you take the time to master them. If you don’t, you will find yourself leaving prospects under served and sales opportunities lost. Here is one of those tools.

In this, the third in the series, I want to draw your attention to an area of the presentation that the majority of salespeople overlook on a regular basis. It’s the area of emotions or feelings. It has often been said that customers make buying decisions emotionally but justify those decisions rationally. As a sales manager, I saw that statement proven true every day.

That then begs this question. “Why do so many salespeople neglect involving the customer’s emotions when presenting a product or service?” Often salespeople will “show and tell”. The ‘show’ what a product will do and then they will ‘tell’ what the benefits are. Rarely will they talk about what the customer will ‘feel’ as they experience these benefits.

In many ways this is becoming a lost art. Today, we are shown everything in multi-media sensory overload. Need proof? Watch a 30 second television commercial to see what I mean. Many of those commercials will flash 30 plus different images at you trying to make their point. Modern film does much the same thing. They leave nothing to the imagination.

A good book or an old classic radio program plays not to your eyes, but rather, to your imagination to create a ‘mental movie’. The great part of a mental movie is that we, as individuals do our own editing.

So the next time you are presenting your product or service, encourage your prospect to create their own mental movie with a comment like these. “Just image how you will feel after you entertain your friends in your new hot tub.” or “Just image how good you will look in this new suit. You will be the envy of all your coworkers.”

You get the idea. Simply make the suggestion and your prospect will script the movie. Involve feelings in every possible selling opportunity and watch your closing ratios soar.

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